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LIGHT is not only the largest branch lighting trade show, but also the only event combining the presentation of the latest products with the training concept.


LIGHT is combined with several conferences, workshops and seminars for more than 1500 participants – architects, designers, investors from constructing sector, hotel and restaurant owners and managers, local government representatives, industry representatives, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers from all over Poland.

Workshops subjects
  • What’s new in lighting – requirements, solutions, research – a compendium of knowledge for designers and producers
  • Review of requirements, attestation and certification of lighting products – a compendium of knowledge for sellers, dealers and controllers
  • Audit of outdoor, indoor and street lighting
  • Interior lighting design tips
  • Road and street lighting design
  • Energy saving in lighting public spaces of various purposes and character
  • How to design and choose lighting for stores and shop displays
  • Modern instruments for measuring lighting parameters, software supporting measurements
  • Street and road lighting solutions – requirements, equipment, financing, evaluation and the verification of the obtained results
  • Illumination of warehouses and production plants
  • Selection and installation of lighting solutions for operating in an explosive atmosphere
  • Emergency and evacuation lighting – requirements, luminaires, power supply and control systems
  • Innovative solutions for illumination lighting and elements of small architecture; light for art and culture + event and decorative lighting technique
  • Selection of lighting for plant and animal breeding
  • What you should know and how to select luminaires for disinfecting spaces
  • Selection of printed circuit boards and control systems for lighting systems
  • Conference LIGHT AND ELECTRICITY FOR LOCAL GOVERNMENTS – a meeting of local government representatives organized under the patronage and in cooperation with the Union of Rural Communes of the Republic of Poland and the Union of Polish Cities
  • Mazovian Civil Engineer Day

Competent Designer – discussion panels and lectures as well as stationary and virtual meetings with architects and interior designers.


Frequently asked questions

What is the workshops program?

The program is varied and depends on the current situation in the industry. The program will be published in early 2023.

What should I do to attend the workshop as a speaker?

Please contact us for more details

Are there any seats during lectures?

Yes, they are

Who takes part in the workshops?

The workshops are aimed at a wide range of recipients - electrical engineers, surveillance inspectors, installers, architects and representatives of local authorities, road and energy management from all over Poland.

Do you have to be an exhibitor to present your offer during the training?

Yes, lectures during our workshops, training and seminars are available only for the exhibitors.

Do you have any more questions? Contact us!

+48 22 649 76 69 or +48 22 649 76 71