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Report from the 29th International Trade Show Light

On January 26-28, at EXPO XXI in Warsaw, the 29th International Trade Show of Lighting Equipment – Light and the accompanying 19th International Trade Show of Electric Fittings and Security – Electricity took place. The 26th Automaticon International Fair was held at the same time and place.

Due to the pandemic and the applicable restrictions, both in Poland and in the world, this year’s edition was slightly smaller than the previous ones, but there were many very positive aspects of this unique event in this part of Europe, so solidly gathering the industry.

218 companies presented themselves on the fairgrounds. 4.534 people visited EXPO XXI during 3 fair days, and 246 people took part in training and workshops.

We invite you to read the full trade show report.

Report 2022

In conclusion, the last edition of the Trade Show Light is a very successful event, showing the lighting industry, despite global problems, in a very good condition, with great prospects for the future and great opportunities for expansion abroad. The organizers of the Trade Show Light are sure that the next edition, which will take place in March 2023, without the sanitary regime and restrictions related to the pandemic, will be a real lighting celebrity.

Thanks and congratulations are due to all the Exhibitors, winners of the competition for the Best Product of the Fair, including, above all, the GL OPTIC company for winning the Grand Prize, but also to other awarded and distinguished companies.

We would like to thank the Sponsor, LED Labs, and the Fair Partners – Elmarco, LedLine, MPL Power Elektro and TM Technologie.

We invite you to cooperate with us on the 30th, jubilee edition of the International Trade Show LIGHT.

Turn on your thinking about lighting!

Next edition: March 15-17, 2023