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The Best Product
The aim of the competition is to promote the best technical, functional and innovative solutions
06 October 2022

The competition is resolved in 15 categories:

  1. architectural and technical lighting
  2. commercial space lighting
  3. residential and decorative lighting
  4. industrial lighting, ATEX
  5. specialist lighting, lighting for disinfection, signaling lighting
  6. emergency and evacuation lighting
  7. stage and event lighting, disco lights, screens and display
  8. Christmas and occasional lighting
  9. outdoor and park lighting, illuminations
  10. poles and lanterns, street traffic lights
  11. intelligent lighting solutions
  12. light sources, chips, diodes, stripes, oleds
  13. power systems controls, drivers, components, optical systems, electronic components for lighting
  14. measuring systems, software, lighting design programs
  15. attestation, testing and certification of products, technical and financial consulting








The official announcement of results will take place during the opening ceremony of the 30th LIGHT Fair. The Main Fair Award, Awards in individual categories and distinctions will be presented during the opening ceremony of the 30th LIGHT Fair.